TYGREN has a vibrant team of engineers, skilled manpower’s as well as draftsmen’s who specialize in executing mechanical and piping projects.

Such jobs consist of the installation of equipment (eq. pumps and pre-fabricated units), installation and repair of storage tanks, installation of structural steelwork such as pipe racks and platforms for example, and the fabrication and installation of industrial piping work.

We ensure that the necessary equipment such as cranes, welding machines, compressors and generators etc, are always available and in good running conditions.

With a number of certified grid blasters and painters available onboard our team, we also provide all sorts of coating work should it is required.

Any subcontract work are always awarded to specialized companies. We will ensure the end products exceeds clients standards where the quality of service provided is ensured by a series of inspection work and in-house testing before they are handover.

Pipeline business has been our expertise and we provide the best total solutions to the customers.

Our pipeline service offer:

  • Pigging
  • Hydrotesting
  • Dewatering
  • Vacuum Drying
  • Nitrogen Packing
  • Water Winning Setup
  • Pipeline Inspection