Tygren Core Business

Flange Management

The FMS has for years been a safety standard and solution in avoiding pipe leaks that cause massive plant explosions.

Manpower Supply

TYGREN is also involved in the manpower supplying business. We provide the service for both downstream and upstream companies.

Piping Works

With in-house certified technicians and support team carrying various products in the market, TYGREN will meet clients expectations.

Joint Integrity Solutions

We are committed to ensuring pipeline integrity remain safe to prevent failure.

Mechanical & Instrumentation

We offer excellent engineering, construction and maintenance services in the eld of mechanical works to customers of various industries.

Blasting & Painting

We’re committed to building long-term relationships with our clients and assisting them to achieve superior results.

Chemical Cleaning

TYGREN is involved in chemical cleaning solutions where we provide solutions based on customer requirements.

Fabrication Works

We offer excellent engineering, construction, and maintenance services in the field of mechanical works to customers in various industries.