GRP piping represents the supreme alternative to steel, principally for a totally corrosion-free service life.

Historically, Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals lines industry have had to face the grim reality of continuously replacing most metal piping because of severe corrosion.

This has resulted in piping systems costing two or three times the original investment since steel and metal pipe systems are very costly to maintain.

GRP pipe systems are the cost-effective, maintenance-free and lightweight solution that provides corrosion-free and erosion-free operation.

These new pipeline systems available in a variety of diameters and a choice of mechanical and threaded joining systems, TYGREN is geared to fulfil your requirements in many different application areas and climates all over Malaysia.

TYGREN can offer a cost-effective solution to replace existing corroded conventional steel pipelines or construct new pipeline projects.

With in-house certified technicians and support team carrying various products in the market, TYGREN will ensure in meeting clients expectations.

GRE/GRVE pipe advantages

Cheaper over the project life
Improve flow capacity
Maintenance free
Faster installation
High elongation at break
Elastic energy absorption
High specific strengths
Good insulation properties

GRE/GRVE Pipe is suitable for

Plant process piping
Oil & Gas flow lines
Power plant piping
Portable water system
Downhole application